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When choosing the right furniture for your home, it can be easy to simply shop for mass produced off-the-shelf pieces. But have you considered bespoke furniture?

By choosing bespoke, you can have a piece of furniture which is truly made for you. You can choose from our selection of  styles and customise it to fit perfectly into your home. At Espoke, we don’t expect you to design it, just to have the imagination to dream it up and if it’s possible we can make it for you. Built-in tables, OK. Fridge under the bed, hey if that’s what you want.

If you need a few inches taken off the headboard to accommodate the loft ceiling, or you want a few centimetres off the foot end so you can watch TV in bed; we’ll adjust the style accordingly. We want every piece to be perfect for you.

But isn’t bespoke furniture expensive?


When you buy furniture from many retailers, you are paying for many things that don’t actually improve the quality of the goods. In fact you are sometimes paying for the flashy advertising campaigns and the markup of wholesalers and middlemen. When you buy from Espoke, 60% of the price is in the quality raw materials. So by keeping our overheads low, we can offer top quality at really affordable prices.

So what are you waiting for? With 24 stunning fabrics to choose from, Espoke’s skilled craftsmen can build your perfect bed or sofa right here in the UK.

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