Handmade in Britain: Here’s why that matters

Handmade in the UK

All of our bespoke furniture, whether it’s an ottoman bed or a chesterfield sofa, we guarantee that is has been made right here in the UK. In a fantastic workshop in Lancashire to be precise.

So why does that matter?

There are so many great benefits to buying furniture built in Britain.

Firstly, you’re not having to pay for the postage costs as your items are shipped from their manufacturer to the retail outlet and then to you. It’s surprising how much this can add to your purchase price without you even realising it. Not only postage costs, but if you’ve bought your furniture from a UK retailer who gets it made abroad, you’re not only paying for the manufacture, but you’re paying the UK retailer to organise it for you. With our UK handmade furniture, we cut out the middle man and you pay one for our workshop to make it, sell it and deliver it straight to you.

Not only will it save you money, but our British made furniture is made using the finest British materials and by skilled hands. As everything comes straight from our workshop direct to you, we oversee everything ensuring only the finest quality furniture is sent out. Our fabrics are beautiful and long-lasting and all the wood used in our frame sis hardwood to ensure it’s sturdy and it’s built to last. We know that everything is being made by our hand-selected, experienced craftsmen who know exactly how to make a great sofa or bed. So when you order a piece of Espoke furniture, made in the UK, you’re getting a thing of quality.

So if this hasn’t convinced you that British furniture is best, then we don’t know what will. Other than seeing out beautiful pieces for yourself!


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