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Do you find yourself struggling to sleep once you get into bed?

You could be in the comfiest bed in the world, however still find yourself lying awake for what feels like hours. Sounds like you?

Sleep matters. And we want to help you by providing quality beds and mattresses, and some tips for a good nights sleep.

 The right environment

Create the perfect environment by ensuring the room is cool, dark, quiet and comfortable. Blackout blind can block out the light for the whole night.

 Switch off

Technology is a curse when it comes to falling asleep. Your phones, tablets and televisions all emit ‘blue light’ which stops the production of melatonin (sleep promoting hormone). So stop scrolling through social media and switch off early before you go to bed.

Stick to a regular routine

An irregular sleep pattern can result is poor sleep, fatigue and sickness. Stick to a regular routine and your sleep will improve in no time.

Watch your diet

To avoid sleep problems, cut down your alcohol and coffee intake. It takes six hours for the effects of caffeine to wear off, so try to avoid any caffeinated drinks in the evening. Furthermore, avoid eating just before you go to bed.

Slow down before bed

To prepare your body for sleep, try to do something relaxing such as reading a book.

Find the right bed!

Everyone’s idea of comfort is completely different. Make sure you have the best bed for you. Try Espoke’s range of mattresses, recognised by the National Bed Federation and the Sleep Council.

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